Monday, June 27, 2011

Kids' rooms

Here's one wall in Ian's room, its the neutral color that most of the house is painted.  A little dark, but okay.

This is what is on half the walls in his room.  Its a prime example of that awful, 80's, faux fad.  The worst part is that the mauve and white colors don't even go with the neutral color.  This stuff had to go ASAP.

This is what it Ian picked.  I thought it would be too dark in this fairly small room, but I really like it.  The best part is that this gallon was one of those returned gallons on sale at Lowe's for $5.

Caitlin picked Dreamy Memory for her room.  It is very pink, but it doesn't make me feel like I'm gonna puke Pepto-Bismol like I thought it would.  I can't believe I didn't get any Before photos of her room.  It was an awful teal color.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Here We Go

This blog will be all about our new house on 3 acres, and ramblings about what we want to do with it.  This house sat on the market for over a year.  While I think it has fabulous potential, most of it hidden, some of it downright buried, I can see why it got passed up over and over again.  I intend to make a list of projects we'd like to do, both short and long term.  It will be fun to look back and see what actually gets done over the years.

The first priority is to get started on building a chicken coop, since we bought 9 chicks while still in our rental house.  You can read the Chicken Palace Saga over here.

Following are the photos from the real estate listing -

I can't even tell you how much I hate the yellow color, and how much I hate that red deck with it.

The pond doesn't look as big as it is, until you see it from the air.  The previous owners have an aerial photo of the property that they left with us.  I'll take a pic of it as soon as I remember.

This is the sunroom, and is my favorite room.  There is are huge windows along the front, and side windows like the one shown.  We can see so much going on in the front yard from here.  I put out a couple of bird feeders, so we've seen lots of grackles and sparrows, house finches, and goldfinches.  We've got at least 5 robin and grackle nests on the property, and that's just what I've seen without paying too much attention.  At least 3 bunnies frequent the front yard, we had a pair of Canada geese here over the winter, now we have a Great Blue Heron who frequents the pond, and a muskrat who lives there.  Oh, and the fox that we've seen a few times.  

Here is the living room.  The dog is their English Mastiff, who is a real sweetheart.  She and Sophie got along great.  The house came with a big floor loom, and the previous owner came back several times to finish a set of rugs on it.  It was so nice to be able to talk to her at length.

Yeah, the purple wall had to go.  But those window seats have a lot of storage underneath.  One of the things on the list is to make cushions for them, they are wonderful reading spots.  And the kids will fit in the storage bins.

View across part of the front yard and pond.  Over on the right is a line of 5 apple trees.  That tree right in the middle, on the other side of the pond, is almost to the property line.  There is a secondary driveway over there, which is great since the main driveway is a little tight for big vehicles.

LOTS more pics to come...