Wednesday, May 30, 2012


After 5 days of hard work, and 3 days of LOTS of painting, its finally done.  I am SO, SO glad we did not attempt to do this ourselves.  I'm posting the before pics again so you don't have to scroll down.

Remodeling the deck has moved up the project priority list.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Big Progress

Wow, they've spent 6 days getting it to the point of being ready to paint.  There was a lot of work involved in getting rid of those stupid wood shingles.  Now there is a lot of sanding to be done on that trim paint.  They had to take it down to bare wood in a lot of places.

All of the windows are covered.  Its nice that they can't see inside the house anymore, but its fairly dim in there now.  

No, we are not painting it brown, and whatever that other color is there.  They do a base coat of whatever odds and ends they have, mixed together.  It acts like a primer before they put the actual color on.

The guy told me they've had several people see a brown base like this and want it for the final color, but they can never match it exactly since its such a hodge podge.  I told him he didn't have to worry about that with us since I think its ugly.  But still, THERE IS NO MORE YELLOW!!


The siding was in really bad shape on the garage, they had to replace most of this side, and the back.

No more hideous wooden shingles at the peaks!!

Another future project is replacing those octagonal windows.  I may need to learn to do stained glass and do it myself.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Time to get busy

We didn't do much to the house over the winter, too much else going on.  We did decide that painting the house has to be the next big project, we just can't take it anymore.  Here is a reminder of what it looks like now:

The brown does not look like chocolate to me, it looks like poop.  I don't really care for the wooden shingles in the peaks, and they are in pretty bad shape anyway.

We knew hiring someone to do this job would be expensive, and we really considered doing it ourselves, because we are tightwads.  In the end we just couldn't face it though.  This is a lot of hard work, and not fun at all.  So we hired Peak to Peak Painting, and were told it would be about 6 weeks before they could start.  Plenty of time to pick colors...

But then they called and said they can start 3 weeks earlier, which was the next day.  Oh crap, guess we'd better get busy on those colors.

We're thinking of green or blue, so I went and got some samples.

I like this green a lot.  It looks better in real life, too hard to make it look right on the computer, but this is close.  The problem with green is that there isn't any contrast with all of the green trees, bushes, grass, etc.  Its just a lot of green.

I like this blue a lot too.  I worry that it will stand out too much and just be too much on the whole house.  Our house doesn't have much privacy from the road right now, and I'd rather not draw everyone's eye to our house even more.

So the next option was a brown.  I like this brown, very earthy and southwesty, but in the end, its still brown.  Like every other house around.

The kids really like the blue, and we both like it, so blue it is.

The sample sizes are pretty big, so I decided to slap some up on the chicken coop to get a better idea.  Blue for the main body, brown for the accent color, and a light trim, similar to this trim on the coop.

Its always so much fun to tear into stuff on this house, because we literally have no idea what crazy stuff we're going to find.  Take those shingles on the side for instance...

Climbing the ladder to get up there is what I really didn't want to do myself.

Under the shingles on the sunroom we have plain tarpaper.

Over here we have some lovely OSB and plywood.

And on the other side we have some vertical siding.

So glad I don't have to do cleanup!